When do you need an obstruction camera?

When do you need an obstruction camera?

At Αποφράξεις Αντωνίου we perform blockage with a camera for clogged pipes, piping and sewers of all types and at any depth, using a special blockage camera of the latest technology.

We loosen your hands by offering immediate diagnosis and solution of any blocking problem.

Drainage control with obstruction camera

Camera drainage inspection in pipes, wells and piping with complete recording and detection of the problem. The camera occlusion method is the best and most reliable choice for the immediate and correct diagnosis of the occlusion point.

Detects problems in sewers, wells, piping networks, gutters, bathroom siphons, etc.

Disassembly and Diagnosis with a camera

In case we have a problem with a clogged sewer in which it is very difficult to locate the exact point of blockage, then we use a special CCTV camera to control the piping and pipes.

The technology in obstruction cameras with the use of screen for visual display of the problem but also the possibility of remote control, has huge advantages over the older methods of drainage control and diagnosis.

Sewer diagnosis with camera

Blocking with a camera minimizes the time required to find and repair the damage to the piping of your building, since with the screen and the clear image provided by the equipment, it immediately locates the blocking point.

The unblocking technicians of our company, Unblocking Antoniou in Athens, after thoroughly inspecting the sewer system, will gather all the necessary information, photos and videos to inform you and to see with your own eyes the source of the problem.

When is camera obstruction required?

Camera drainage blockage is indicated in any drainage system that is difficult to locate at the point of failure with conventional blockage methods.

  • Diagnosis, control and occlusion of a clogged vent with a camera
  • Sewer diagnosis with camera
  • Duct obstruction with CCTV camera
  • Obstruction with camera and prices

The cost for the obstruction using a camera is 80€. This price, although it seems high, is not, as it saves you from many man-hours that would be needed to find the fault.

So it saves you time and money. With experience since 1973, certification by the Ministry of Environment, Physical Planning and Public Works and the use of the most modern occlusion methods, you can be sure of the best result.

We undertake pressure blockage with the most modern blocking machines and specialized blockage technicians with experience. If your drain is clogged, then you need to immediately clean the drain with pressure.

Sewer cleaning with pressure

Pressure sealing is an excellent method of sealing or cleaning a sewer. A clogged drain can cause overflow and other side effects that could be dangerous to your health.

Experts in obstruction with pressure in Athens

By using the appropriate blocking equipment, special tools and machines, in combination with our experience, we solve any problem in clogged piping using pressure.

With electromechanical tools we penetrate deep into the sewer, even in the most difficult places, we find the source of the problem and within a short time your sewer is in excellent condition again.

When pressure blockage is needed

Pressure blockage is necessary when you find that your sewer is clogged, flooded or emits bad odours. Pressurized disassembly is one way.

Do not stress this. All you have to do is contact the obstruction experts … Antoniou Obstruction.

What is a water jet pressure?

The water pressure pump is a special machine for blockages that sprays water with very high pressure (High pressure water), capable of removing immediately and effectively anything that blocks the way of water through the piping.

The use of pressurized water requires care and experience from a specialized workshop of technical blockages, in order not to cause damage to the walls of the pipe.

Pressure occlusion in Athens and Attica

Sewer cleaning with water pressure is definitely one of the best methods of cleaning and clogging drains and clogging wells, to restore the flow of water, sewage and sewage away from your home or business.

Clogging with water 24 hours a day in Athens and Attica

Antoniou Obstruction, apart from the excellently trained team of technical obstructions, has the most modern equipment for waterproof (pressure) obstructions to deal with any need.

Trust us for immediate obstruction with pressure in the shortest time and with lasting results. We are at your disposal at any time of the day. Call us and we will arrive at your place immediately to offer you high quality services at very affordable prices.

ANTONIOU BLOCKAGES is one of the few companies in the field of blockages certified by the Ministry of Environment, Physical Planning and Public Works and with commercial vehicles. We are the best and most reliable choice.

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