Watch And Listen As Ferrari 488 Pista Beats Its Own Top Speed

Watch And Listen As Ferrari 488 Pista Beats Its Own Top Speed

When a video clip opens up with a Ferrari parked future to a Room Shuttle, it is almost certainly going to be a fantastic one. That retains primarily genuine when it’s a new top-velocity operate from Johnny Bohmer Proving Grounds, which works by using the previous Space Shuttle runway in Florida to wring out all types of large-general performance equipment. We’ve seen almost everything from inventory Camaros to race-prepped Porsches and even a mental Dodge Viper with 1,400 horsepower (1,044 kilowatts) blast down the 2.7-mile extend of straight-and-real concrete. Now, it is time to delight in the sights and seems of a Ferrari 488 Pista heading full tilt.

In the not likely celebration you have overlooked, here’s what the Pista delivers to the desk. Powering the driver is a 3.9-liter twin-turbocharged V8 that develops 710 hp (592 kW), channeled to the rear wheels with support from a 7-pace dual-clutch gearbox. According to Ferrari, the sprint to 60 mph will take just 2.8 seconds. Flat out, the individuals from Maranello say the race-motivated Pista will reach 211 mph.

Of program, the headline by now advised you this particular Pista is a lot quicker than that, but by how a great deal? The telemetry reveals a moderate start – estimates advise the -60 operate was in the four-next variety – but after rolling the Prancing Horse absolutely storms earlier 150 mph in about 14 seconds. We see a insignificant dip in acceleration close to 160 mph, and once again at 175 mph, but the fee does not considerably slow right up until the 200 mph mark. Even then, speed carries on to creep up one mph at a time right up until the wall hits at … 212 mph.

And it’s not like that velocity was reached just ahead of the shutdown space. The Pista retains 212 mph for a comprehensive 10 seconds prior to lifting at the 2.7-mile mark. The official pace as documented by the online video is 212.6 mph, but we can not enable wondering if there is some kind of pace limiter in place. Which is pretty much dead-on Ferrari’s published 211 mph declare, which by by itself wouldn’t be a huge offer if the Pista’s gradual-but-regular acceleration didn’t abruptly cease. Having said that, aerodynamics are a huge pressure at such speeds, and that superb V8 tone by no means wavered. The energy was certainly on for these final seconds of the operate.

What’s upcoming for Johnny Bohmer Proving Grounds? Like you, we are patiently waiting for the future supercar sprint to grace our screens.

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