Private or group courses for kids?

Private or group courses for kids?

Private lessons are nowadays one of the most popular ways to learn –ιδιαίτερα μαθήματα–  an object. With foreign languages ​​and secondary education taking the reins, tutoring is booming – albeit in difficult times – as it becomes a choice for more and more stakeholders. On the opposite bank … tutoring, a more traditional and widespread choice, equally effective. Frequent confrontation, however, between the two sides usually confuses and leads to decisions based on wrong criteria. In such a serious matter, however, the decision should be made logically and impartially, based only on the acquisition of real knowledge, which is provided in both of the above ways and depends on which method suits everyone.

For what reasons, then, should one choose private lessons and for whom the group lessons provided by the tutoring centers? The decision must be made in each case individually and after consideration of several factors. We will try to analyze the most important of them in order to make the right choice in such an important issue, the acquisition of knowledge and skills.

Cost of private or group courses

So starting we would say that one of the main reasons is the cost. Although both are expensive – a topic that will be addressed in a future article – at first glance the scales usually seem to lean in favor of tutoring. However, if we look at things a little more closely, we will find that in many cases the phenomena are deceptive – not in all of course. If we consider, for example, that in the case of teaching a foreign language, such as English, the tutoring requires an average of eight years of attendance while the private lessons for the same student require six years, we will find that the difference in total cost is not so great, perhaps infinitesimal if a good price is agreed on in private lessons.

This is because an individual student with good performance, following his own rhythms, covers the same material – that is, eight classes – in less time. Similarly, if we take as an example a student who attends mathematics in a tutoring center for three or four hours a week, he may cover the same subject with two hours of private lessons, since the delivery concerns only one student. So the cost should not be considered individually as it is inextricably linked to the time required in each case.

Time consumed in private and group courses

But let us refer separately to the issue of time because it is a determining factor in choosing the most ideal teaching method. So before deciding which path to follow, we must know how long a “teaching” hour lasts as in many cases it lasts 45 minutes, in other 50 minutes and in other 60 minutes, So here again comes the issue of time – cost. In addition, everyone should know how much time they can allocate and whether they can meet the required hours and the required schedule of attending a group lesson or if they need a staff and possibly a more flexible schedule. Also, the rhythms that everyone wants to follow and the goals that they set shape the required teaching time. Therefore, one should investigate whether one’s wishes are in line with the other participants and therefore whether they will be satisfied in a group lesson or if an individual lesson is required.

Personal preference

Everyone’s preference also plays a very important role as in what we are attracted to and like the most we are usually more efficient. For example, if one prefers to work in a team, to be among other people, not to be the focus of the lesson and to be carried away by the good performance of others, one should prefer tutoring and teamwork. On the contrary, those who want personal teaching and someone to deal with their own needs, questions, difficulties while avoiding any embarrassment that many students feel while being among classmates, will perform better in individual lessons.

An additional criterion should be the choice of the appropriate tutoring or respectively the appropriate teacher in the case of a particular course. Many times an unfortunate choice of a tutorial automatically leads us to turn to private lessons and conversely a wrong choice of teacher in an individual lesson pushes us to the tutoring. But it is different not to find the right teacher or tutorial and different not to find the most appropriate learning method. So, first we ask ourselves which way suits us best and then we start researching for the right tutoring or teacher (the criteria according to which we choose a tutoring or teacher are varied and very important and we will try to analyze them in the next article).

Overview on Private or group courses for kids

The choice of how to learn an object plays a crucial role in learning the object and clearly in our love and interest not only around it but also for learning in general. So let it not be a reckless or a decision that is taken lightly by heart. The knowledge and skills we acquire are life supplies., is a helpful tool to find your perfect tutor. In there, you can find a lot of teachers who are willing to take care of your children’s needs and help them succeed with their exams.

You can also schedule online private courses  instead of having to move to the tutoring center!

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