Meet The Sydney Make Up Artist Making 'Voluptuary Ceramics'!

Meet The Sydney Make Up Artist Making ‘Voluptuary Ceramics’!

Emma Bartik arrived to her ceramics practice in a little bit of a roundabout way. Paying the past 10 years as a effective freelance make-up and specific results artist, she initially researched ceramics at UNSW Art and Design and style as a way to improve her sculpting for making prosthetic pieces. For Emma, these two creative pursuits are inextricably linked. ‘I can not separate my art or ceramic practice from my get the job done as a make-up artist now even if I tried’, she describes. ‘It has educated the way I make, the two technically and conceptually.’

Just after developing a modest selection of pieces for an exhibition just above a year ago, Emma made an on-the-place determination to throw herself into generating ceramics. Soon just after, Emma launched Voluptuary Ceramics. Her curvaceous, pot-bellied mugs and vases have a distinctly humanlike good quality to their brightly coloured kinds – ideal down to a tummy button-like indentation in their rounded midsections. An exploration of fragility and what it suggests to be female underscores Emma’s function, a palette of sorbet pastels and fluffy, visceral textures featuring an aspect of escapism and whimsy.

Functioning from her spare place in Sydney (which she’s just about outgrown), Emma now operates on Voluptuary Ceramics (almost) whole time – and even landed her very first exhibition at a professional gallery, Saint Cloche, past yr. ‘The prospects of earning in ceramics is its individual addictive labyrinth’, Emma states. ‘As a make-up artist, I could spend months of preparation of several hours and applying make-up, only to clean it off moments afterwards. Ceramics has a tangible nature with an stop end result that exists in the true world’.

Emma makes ceramics in small batches, out there by using her website. Maintain up with her assortment drops + sector dates by way of her Instagram!

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