Look Closely, This Mind Blowing Furniture Is Made With Straw!

Look Closely, This Mind Blowing Furniture Is Made With Straw!

The 17th-century craft of straw marquetry is only practised by 25 artisans around the globe. One of these is Arthur Seigneur and to his awareness, he is the only one practising in Australia. It’s on the edge of getting a shed art.

An art though, it definitely is.

He would make up a single half of collaborative style and design duo A+A, alongside industrial designer Adam Goodrum. Their hottest endeavour is an exhibition for Melbourne Design and style Week, for which the pair have made 3 items of remarkable cabinetry decorated with straw marquetry by Arthur’s specialist hand. Adam designed the credenza, tallboy and console, manufactured from oak and white maple. Utilizing just a scalpel, ruler and wood glue, Arthur has painstakingly lined the surface of each individual piece with extra than 4,000 slivers of reflective rye straw, imported from Burgundy and hand-dyed in custom made hues.

Adam and Arthur envisioned the colors and styles with each other, ensuing in a cascading kaleidoscopic style impressed by the concentric symmetry of a lotus blossom. The marquetry runs in contrasting instructions and colors, giving just about every piece an powerful dynamism, as nicely as refined texture.

The exhibition normally takes its title from the surrealist French parlour sport cadavre exquis (‘exquisite corpse’), where anonymous team sketches generally resulted in disjointed and bizarre anatomical illustrations. Similarly surprising collaborative outcomes are recurring in A+A’s course of action. ‘Neither of us would have arrive up with these performs independently, but jointly we have developed something new and exclusive,’ clarifies Adam.

You can see Beautiful Corpse at the Countrywide Gallery of Victoria throughout Melbourne Design 7 days from 12th – 22nd March.

Beautiful Corpse by A+A
March 12th-22nd
Tolarno Galleries
Degree 4, 104 Exhibition StreetMelbourne
Melbourne, Victoria

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