Inside Three Amazing Homes At Palm Springs' Modernism Week

Inside Three Amazing Homes At Palm Springs’ Modernism Week

Frey Residence II

The undisputed highlight of Modernism Week for me was stepping inside of the circa 1964 Frey House II, built by Albert Frey. This Swiss architect was a single of Palm Springs’ design pioneers, acquiring moved to the US to experiment with progressive methods of dwelling. 

This unique household is accessed by way of a person of Palm Springs’ personal roadways, and was the city’s highest home at the time of setting up. 

Even though the compact dimensions (just 75 square metres) and pared back again elements palette (cinder blocks, aluminium and glass) might advise Frey Property II to be a comparatively basic property, its design is definitely radical. The architect is explained to have used five years seeking the town for an acceptable web-site, then a additional year studying the sun’s actions across the grounds prior to creating. 

Most distinguished about this property is the granite boulder separating the residing and bed room regions. One more boulder beneath the pool produces a partly lifted floor, reducing the have to have for standard stairs. Other details involve the practically entirely crafted-in suite of home furnishings, yellow curtains (slice to accommodate the central boulder) reflective of the encelia plant that blooms on website, and pool reflections on the corrugated aluminum roof. 

This was Frey’s individual household for 35 several years right until his demise in 1998, just after which it was donated to the Palm Springs Art Museum for architectural studying and analysis. 

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