How to get rid of insects in your apartment?

How to get rid of insects in your apartment?

Summer is coming and we all know that insects are around the corner waiting to get in our houses–Αποφράξεις Αντωνίου. We all know how annoying these little creatures are, as they will not let us sleep, eat or basically live in our apartment while they are also in it.

Especially if you have children and babies, insects are the perfect way to get them sick, bite them and as we mentioned before, annoy them. If one insect appears then you need to know that more are coming your way and it is going to get really difficult for you to get rid of them.

Tips on dealing with insects that already exist in your apartment

If you have noticed little creatures walking around your house then you need to deal with them quickly before they take over your whole apartment. The most common way that they are coming in, is the drains in your bathroom and kitchen so make sure to keep them clean or hire a professional-Αποφράξεις Παπάγου. Smaller ones could also crawl under your doors or even window shutters. They find their way into your house when you leave a door open too.

Identify the type of insect

The first thing you need to do, is identify what type of insect is living in your apartment with you. The most common ones are cockroaches, flies, spiders, ants and mosquitoes. While most of them seem not at all dangerous, they could cause some serious infections and allergies, let alone their “intimidating looks”, which will scare you off.

Ants for example, are not as innocent as they look, as they come in hundreds and their bite is quite painful. If one ant shows up in your house, then we bet that a whole army of these creatures will make their guest appearance in your apartment too. But the worse is that they are here to stay.

Flies are one of the dirtiest insects as they are sitting on anything! Do not let them into your apartment as they could give you even food poisoning.

Get professional help

The number one solution and usually the most effective one is to get professional help. The disinfestation crews Αποφράξεις Πειραιάς, will come to your house and help you get rid of the annoying insects you keep finding in your bed, kitchen and bathroom.

Most disinfestation crews are advising you to leave the house for at least 24 hours after the process as the products that they are using need to sink in and they are not the best thing to breathe in. After that though, the apartment will be insect-free and you will be tranquil again.

You can also find a crew that uses natural, non-toxic products so that you will not have any respiratory issues and of course you will not contaminate the environment.

Deal with the insects in natural ways

If you have children in the house, elderly people, people with respiratory problems and generally people who are sensitive to smells and therefore chemical insect repellents, then you need to find another solution rather than spraying your house with them. Even if you do not have any of the cases mentioned above in your house, you could choose to go natural just because you respect the environment.

There are plenty of ways to go naturally and deal with the insects at your house instead of using expensive and toxic insect repellents. First of all you need to identify the type of insect you have in your house. After that, you are ready to do your research and figure out what type of natural pesticide will do the job.

Many pharmacies or shops Αποφράξεις Αργυρούπολη with agricultural equipment sell natural insect repellents that are completely safe for your tomato plants, cucumbers, apple trees and basically anything you can eat. So this means they are safe for your house too. Just make sure to follow the instructions the employees will give you.

DIY insect repellents

In case that you are really fed up with the insects and you cannot wait for professional help, there are some DIYs you could try. With ingredients you already own, you have a small chance of kicking these little creatures out for good.

Ants cannot stand vinegar so you could try leaving paper towels soaked in vinegar in every spot of the house that might be an entrance. The strong smell can kill them too.

Essential oils like lavender and lemon are other choices too. Burnt coffee is a natural solution of kicking flies out of your house as well. If you research this, we are definite that many DIYs will come up.

Tips on avoiding insects getting in your apartment

Install protective mesh in windows and doors

The most effective yet not so cheap solution, is to install protective mesh in every window and door of your house. This will help you block the entrance of the insects without killing them and at the same time it allows you to keep your windows and doors open.

Cut the grass around your house

Many insects such as mosquitoes, live in high grass around houses. This way it is easier for them to come into your house and start biting you and your other family members. We all know how annoying a mosquito can be when you are trying to sleep!

Make sure that there are no ponds nearby

The same goes for ponds or stagnant waters. If you have had a heavy rainfall in the middle of the summer, make sure to somehow drain the excess water. If you won’t do this, there is a very big chance that mosquitoes and other crawling insects will gather up there, finding their way into your house.

Never leave food on the counter tops or kitchen table

This one is pretty easy to understand but we thought it would be nice reminding it to you. Any kind of food, even a crumb is an open invitation to insects like ants and cockroaches. So before you go to bed, make sure to clean your table and counter tops really well.

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